Ashley-Jared“We chose Dave Mancini as our DJ because of all the events we attended over the years; he stuck out in our heads the most. Everyone can agree he knows how to get the crowd up and moving. Everyone was on the dance floor and making friends with one another.”– Ashley & Jared Davlin – Anaheim, CA

Courtney-Aaron“From coordinating with all the other vendors, to making sure every detail was perfect, to making sure every last request (even some Dave brought to our attention) was answered and perfectly executed, Dave was so professional, yet brought the party to life. He had everyone from grandparents to the kids on the dance floor the ENTIRE night.”– Courtney & Aaron Burke – San Jose, CA

Diana-Matt“Our guests were blown away by your ability to get practically our whole guest list on the dance floor. People had a blast with the icebreaker and I myself took a mental snapshot of everyone hi-fiving and hugging each other. I’ve never seen a crowd so engaged before; it was incredible and a truly special moment.”– Diana & Matt Takeda – Carson, CA

Elena-Marco“The crowd loved every moment of the festivities, we had a packed dance floor all night long, and we LOVED every song he played.”– Elena & Marco Hernandez – Porter Ranch, CA

Hannah-Nathan“Almost every single one of our guests (150+) mentioned how amazing Dave was! They said it was the best wedding they’ve ever been to!”– Hanna & Nathan Kish – Flagstaff, AZ

Jennifer-Richard“Not only did Dave play the music we requested, he put together the whole schedule of the wedding reception from start to finish. My Wife and I truly felt that our reception went smooth and was as perfect as it can be.”– Jennifer & Richard Galope – San Pedro, CA

Kelly-Pete“The best part was that Dave was also the DJ at our friends wedding, a couple months before ours. I thought that perhaps the things Dave said and did at their wedding would be cookie cutter and would be said at our wedding as well. That wasn’t the case at all. Dave took a real interest in my husband and I as a couple and it showed.”– Kelly & Pete Robinson – Northridge, CA

Lindsey-Rick“Dave was by far one of the best parts of our wedding! He met with us several times before the wedding as our MC/DJ, and when we decided to also use him as our Officiant, he jumped on board without any problems. He wrote our ceremony, let us review it, and make changes. He worked our story into the ceremony very well. It was not “cookie-cutter” at all. “– Lindsey & Rick Kraut – Glendale, CA

Megan-Danny“When we met Dave he was warm, friendly, and genuinely had our best interests at heart. He wanted to know what we thought made a good wedding, and how we envisioned ours. We wanted to make sure the flow of the reception was good and that there was lots of time for dancing. At our final meeting Dave definitely calmed our nerves (I was really starting to stress), and I felt extremely confident leaving our wedding in his hands.”– Megan & Danny Allegra – Saugus, CA

Monica-David“We loved Dave. I was nervous because we are Christian and wanted to find a DJ who would respect our beliefs by making sure the music and announcements were clean and non-suggestive, as well as someone who could show our guests an awesome time. Dave did an awesome job.”– Monica & David Thach – Westminster, CA

Rachele-David“He had a way to get almost all of our 300 guests up on the dance floor! It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves, laughing, smiling and dancing, from my one-year-old nephew to 86-year-old aunt.”– Rachele & David Scozzaro – Long Beach, CA

Rebekah-Frank“I loved how he incorporated our personal story into his DJing. Most people would take your personal info to “use” as “material” in their MCing, but Dave really connected with us, and he was able to make the reception feel more intimate, personalized, and fun!”– Rebekah & Frank Lee – Los Angeles, CA

Rhea-Neil“Long story longer, Dave absolutely MADE OUR WEDDING. Book him before you finish reading this sentence.”– Rhea & Neil Allen – Santa Ana, CA

Teresa-Alex“He got all my guests on the dance floor! ALL OF THEM! That’s counting all the stubborn ones too!! He’s top notch, from the pre-wedding consult, to the follow up, to the wedding. Everything was to the T.”- Teresa & Alex Chahinian – Woodland Hills, CA

Thaesha-Sam“All of our guests had a great time during the wedding. The dance floor was full the entire night; all of the special events were introduced and conducted very smoothly. We would recommend Dave to any and everyone! “– Thaesha & Sam Jacobson – San Diego, CA

Tia-Matt“My husband and I had been meeting with various DJs for our upcoming wedding and they would all ask us the same question, “What did you like about other weddings you have attended recently?” We noticed our answer was always the same; we loved the DJ from the last wedding we attended (which happened to be Dave). So, we started thinking, why the heck don’t we just call him! It was the best decision we ever made.”– Tia & Matt Grace – Encino, CA